Q: Help a girl out! where is my order?

A: email your order information to theaccesoriesbureau@gmail.com and let us know the sitch and we'll find where your parcel is as soon as we can. You will receive updates of when your package is sent.

Q: will you be getting more stock? 

A: we try to make sure our items never go out of stock but sometimes the stuffs just too good! When this happens we will re-stock ASAP. don't worry girl!

Q: where is the accesories bureau?

A: we are an online based brand only, we are based in the UK.

Q: are there any opportunities to work with the brand?

A: we are part of the new wave of social media marketing brands and love working with influencers, wether your a youtube, blogger or just have an amazing Instagram profile please email us or DM us and we will get back to you with the information that we will need from you.